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Core Values


Both our employees and customers are respected so that our company could develop in a harmonious environment.


It is the core spirit which makes our company,the prosperity of the nation and the wellbeing of the people take priority over our business. We are committed to making contributions to the nation, the people and the community.


Every member of our company is kindly requested to observe the rules and regulations of the company and moral standards so that we can form “an enterprise of propriety”.


Qualified personnel, wisdom, strategy are indispensible to the improvement of our competitiveness and the increase of our overall capability. Therefore it is necessary to form a team of competent people who share the same goal.


Integrity is the virtue of our Chinese nation. The successful management of a company greatly relies on the trust of our customers. We aim to keep the reputation and image of Yuhua at the heart of our company, which are more important than the prices of any our products.