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"Epidemic" should not be used in the prevention and control of the epidemic with infrared temperature detection system

Author:Admin Published:2020-02-20 Views:179

  In the face of a sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus,the whole country is fighting an uphill battle.
  Recently,in luoyang wangfujing,Dennis and other large mall entrance,the emergence of an infrared temperature screening device.Different from the one-to-one detection method of hand-held infrared thermometer,this infrared temperature screening system can quickly,non-contact and large-scale screening of febrile personnel,and reduce the chance of suspected personnel being infected due to close contact with staff.And the design and development of these"epidemic prevention artifact",and in the field of voluntary service is from luoyang vision intelligent technology co.,LTD."retrograde"people.
  At the scene,it was noted that,unlike the traditional method of measuring body temperature with a body temperature gun,the method of measuring temperature with visual range intelligent infrared temperature system did not significantly affect the speed of entry.The passenger flow did not appear obvious catton and stagnation.
  According to zhu ke,an engineer at luoyang vision distance intelligent technology co.,LTD.,the equipment USES thermal imaging technology to measure temperature.Visual range intelligent infrared temperature monitoring system,including infrared thermography,tripod,monitoring workstation,monitoring software,etc.The body temperature of passersby can be measured quickly and accurately with an accuracy of±0.3℃.
  In the computer footage,the top of a person's head pops out of view whenever he passes the camera's range.36.1℃,36.3℃...There was a steady stream of data above everyone's head.Once the temperature of the passer exceeds 37.2℃,the device will send out a sharp alarm to remind the staff to pay attention.The device is also equipped with an intelligent analysis platform that enables the tracing of historical data and provides video data to support close contacts tracing confirmed cases.
  Finally,stadia Zhao Jingyi company general manager,said:epidemic prevention,such as battlefield,,the company is imperative,the obligation to take out more than sets R001 type infrared temperature monitoring system,used for free in adhere to serve the general public mall,the company will arrange for volunteers to do technical service work,spare no effort to use high-tech means of AI cheer for luoyang epidemic prevention power,believe that unity is strength,we must win!

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