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Vision distance company has obtained four national utility model patents

Author:Admin Published:2020-04-13 Views:175
  Recently,the stadia company declare four patents technology through the state intellectual property office of the authorization,and access to utility model patent certificate,they are"a kind of electric power inspection robot with solar charging device"online"a coal mine monitoring inspection robot with orbit""a rope track inspection robot anti-separtion device,and the laser repair one robot for power inspection.This is the company's technical team rooted in the industry inspection robot operation practice,learn experience and knowledge,with the spirit of innovation to concentrate on the intelligent transformation of the latest patent results.

  These patent projects optimized the function and practicability of the robot and effectively solved various technical problems existing in the process of patrol inspection.Through efficient and accurate intelligent inspection,it has added scientific and technological guarantee for industrial and mining enterprises to realize cost reduction,efficiency increase and safe operation.These achievements were achieved thanks to the vision company has been adhering to the"science and technology leading,wisdom enabling"business philosophy,vigorously promote innovation-driven development,encourage employees to actively participate in science and technology innovation,continue to strengthen the transformation of technological achievements and other in-depth work.The hard work in the field of technical innovation and continuous achievements have provided a strong technical guarantee for the company's high-quality development.

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