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Bohua smelting reactor depth comprehensive project started

Author:Admin Published:2020-04-13 Views:196

Bohua smelting reactor depth comprehensive project started

  In order to meet the ultra-low emission standard required by environmental protection,further reduce pollutant emission and ensure the normal and orderly production of ferro molybdenum,the company began to prepare for the smelting environmental protection in-depth treatment project in early 2020,which started construction on April 9.

  The treatment project is divided into four categories of equipment:cooling,dust removal,desulfurization and chimney.Among them,the desulfurization equipment is customized for the manufacturer and then the whole machine is installed.Currently,the equipment manufacturer is in the process of production.The cooling equipment,dust removal equipment and chimney are processed and manufactured on site.Currently,all the materials for dust removal equipment have entered the site,and the preliminary processing is expected to be completed on Wednesday.Cooling equipment and chimney materials are entering the site according to the plan.

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