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New product "xiaohuangren" added in sight distance enters the prototype test stage

Author:Admin Published:2020-05-29 Views:115

New product

With the rapid development of animal husbandry, its scale and specialization are also increasing. Accelerating the modernization and information construction of animal husbandry has become an increasingly important development direction of animal husbandry. Facing the market and seizing the opportunity, vision intelligence recently launched a new intelligent breeding inspection robot - "little yellow man". Compared with the previous industrial inspection robots, the "little yellow man" is small and cute, which is more in line with the needs of animal husbandry. At present, "xiaohuangren" has entered the prototype test stage of the test model, and all indicators are running well.

As the first generation of intelligent breeding inspection robot, the basic starting point of "xiaohuangren" is to use the existing technology to realize the integrated management of animal husbandry cost, sales, service and circulation. Through a powerful platform, the intelligent application of the terminal of the single breeding farm will be realized. The automatic data collection equipment will send the data to the cloud data center through the wireless network, establish a database, and then realize the intelligent modern enterprise management through big data analysis and processing. In terms of hardware design, compared with the traditional monitoring method, various sensors are installed in the farm

"Little yellow man" can carry all sensing devices to the robot host, and make these sensing devices more intelligent through robot mobile inspection, so as to achieve 360 degree dead angle free monitoring and inspection monitoring.

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