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Technology Innovation wins again - Visual Range company wins Government Technology Innovation Voucher

Author:Admin Published:2020-06-12 Views:176
  Luoyang Visio Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.is on the list of the second batch of special science and technology innovation coupons for epidemic prevention and control in Luoyang city,and has been granted with 683,100 yuan of science and technology innovation coupons issued by the government,which is also the highest amount of this batch of issuance.

  According to the relevant provisions of the Notice on Supporting the Steady and Healthy Development of Science and Technology Enterprises issued by Luoyang Science and Technology Bureau and the Implementation Measures of Luoyang Science and Technology Innovation Vouchers,Luoyang has successively completed the application and issuance of two batches of special science and technology innovation vouchers for epidemic prevention and control.Coupon is for zhuhai science and technology innovation science and technology enterprises and innovative entrepreneurial team lack of innovation resources,lack of innovation,by the government to the rights and interests of the free proof,the way the government purchasing service support science and technology enterprises and innovative entrepreneurial teams make full use of the institutions of higher learning,scientific research institutes and other innovative service agencies to provide resources to carry out scientific and technological innovation activities,to promote science and technology service demand and supply of effective docking.This year,we also launched the application of special science and technology innovation vouchers for epidemic prevention and control.

  The R0003 intelligent dual-light human body temperature measurement system,which is on the list of the company,is a new civil epidemic prevention weapon rapidly transformed into infrared technology,artificial intelligence,cloud computing and other core technologies and related products in the face of the sudden outbreak.During the epidemic,the company quickly arranged this type of product in Dennis and Wangfujing hypermarkets,arranged several volunteers to do technical service work every day,and made full use of high-tech means to fuel the epidemic prevention work in Luoyang until the final victory.

  Zhao Jingyi,general manager of the company,said that the science and technology innovation voucher issued by the government can subsidize the company's expenses for all scientific and technological innovation activities such as production,study and research cooperation this year,and simplify the project award and subsidy management process,which is of great significance to technology start-ups such as Horizon.Innovation coupons can effectively offset the expenses incurred in basic research and development,design paid services,product testing,etc.,and can also be used to purchase r&d equipment,which is bound to reduce the company's research and development costs and enhance the effective allocation of innovation resources in the market.Especially in the complex market environment where the epidemic is normalized,it will play a positive role in promoting the sustainable development of the company and its commitment to scientific and technological innovation.

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